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Paddle Raise

Over 8,000 Tarrant County residents will be diagnosed with cancer in the coming year. Standard lodging costs for a patient receiving radiation treatment for four to six weeks could be anywhere from $3,120 to $4,680. ACS has seen patients interrupt their treatment, forego the the most effective cancer care, or give up completely because they cannot afford the expenses of travel and lodging. 

Your donation to paddle raise will directly help patients from Tarrant County with lodging and transportation needs during their cancer treatments.

$100 provides 5 free rides to treatment

$250 provides 2 free hotel nights or 12 free rides

$500 provides 4 free hotel nights or 24 free rides

$1,000 provides 8 free hotel nights or 48 free rides

$2,500 provides 20 free hotel nights or 125 free rides


If you give prior to the ball, you will receive recognition in the event program. Paddle raise donations are 100% tax deductible.

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