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Our 2023 Leadership

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Our 2023 Cowtown Ball Committee was led by our fearless co-chairs, Ashlee Brenner and Cortney Pelley.

Our American Cancer Society Staff partner is Loren Baker.


Kathleen Alexander
Marsha Baker
Beth Barber*
Cyndi Bishop*
Leah Vahrenkamp Brown*
Jordan Burton
John Cochran
Cathy Cole
Katie Coultress
Jennifer Crossland*
Melissa Dean
Kristina Denapolis
Virginia Durham Carter*
Chris Ferrell*
Shelley Fitzgerald
Kathryn Gilpin*
Kimberly Hamilton

Katherine Haratsis
Laura Heiss

Adrianne Holland
Melissa Howard
Malinda Murphey
Michelle Payne
Rachel Quisenberry
Jamie Raymond
Merrill Rhynsburger*
Amy Shubert
Emily Smith*
Christie Stockard
Joy Trigg
Liz Vance*
Andrew Ward*
Blair Ward*
Mary Frances Wood

*denotes sub-committee chair
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